Oxdog Rotor Ball Tube - 4 White Floorballs

Oxdog Rotor Ball Tube - 4 White Floorballs

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Product Description

The Oxdog Rotor ball features three unique technologies. The Hole Air Spoiler (HAS) presses the air over the hole in the ball which results in less air resistance and steady ball flight. The D Shape Dimple holds air better at lower speed and provides a good feeling on the floor. The Star Rib System (SRS) creates even stiffness which boosts shooting performance, long distance passes, and hard shots. Package of 4 white balls.
  Jason MN
Jason D
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I ordered them12/15/2017 and as of 12/26/2017 at 7:05pm we have yet to receive the order. They shipped on 12/16/2017 via USPS.
Your order was received at 9 pm on 12/15. It shipped the next day by USPS First Class mail. Unfortunately it took until 12/27 for the package to be delivered in Minnesota. During the holidays, USPS sometimes does a great job, other times, not so good...
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