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Welcome to FloorballPlanet!

We are dedicated to promoting the exciting game of floorball, the fastest growing sport in the USA.

What is floorball?  -  It is a safe, fast paced team sport providing fun and excitement for everyone.  It is played on foot with a lightweight stick and a plastic ball, the rules are easy to learn and there is no physical contact.  It's a great game for kids, adults, or coed play.

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2016 Salming Q3Tapered cavity - larger sweetspot - Trident technology - no nonsense... Be one of the first to own one of these new elite sticks!
 2016 Salming Quest Q3 Floorball Sticks  

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Exclusive USA Hockey Branded Floorball Stick Only at FloorballPlanet!
The 2014 Salming Aero 32 stick with the USA Hockey graphic on the shaft is available only from FloorballPlanet! A high-end stick at a low-end price. Equipped with the Aero blade featuring a toe drag design, dual crossbar stabilizer, shooter pocket and dual cavity for enhanced ball control and harder shots. The soft flex 32 shaft has a unique USA Hockey logo. Available in 87 cm and 100 cm lengths.
2015 Fatpipe Sticks in Stock!
2015 Fatpipe sticks are availalable for immediate delivery! FloorballPlanet is the largest distributor of Fatpipe products in the United States. Check out the latest elite and intermediate sticks from Finland.
Oxdog is coming...Oxdog is coming...
FloorballPlanet is excited to be offering a complete selection of Oxdog floorball sticks and products. We expect to have these available in just a few weeks!

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Floorball is played in an incredible number of places by people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Use the navigation bar at the top of each page for quick access to specific information.

Floorball is ideal for:

  • Schools - for physical education curriculum, summer programs and team sports.  Perfect for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, alternative schools, prep schools and colleges.
  • Hockey Players - a fun activity that will help you improve your hockey skills and complement your off-ice training.
  • Hockey Assoc - incorporate floorball into your off-ice and dry land training programs and use floorball to introduce young kids to hockey-like activities before they are old enough for learn-to-skate and introductory hockey programs.
  • Rinks/Facilities - ice, roller and inline rinks are using floorball for birthday parties, team events, and recreational league games.  Sports complexes offer floorball equipment for sign-out and active play.  Churches and youth groups use floorball in their activity programs.
  • Wheelchair Floorball - disability?  What disability?
  • Parties/Rentals - birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate team building...
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