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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST FLOORBALL STICK (to download this information, click - Choosing Your First Stick)

Floorball is the perfect game for both youth and adult players and it is very inexpensive. The most important piece of equipment is the stick. Some call it a floorball hockey stick but you play floorball with a "floorball stick". So you ask, "Which floorball stick is right for me?" There are many factors that go into choosing a stick, but for your first stick purchase, only two are important - side (handedness) and length.

#1 Most Important - Which Side?
  • Your shooting side has NO RELATION to whether you are right handed or left handed.
  • Use this tip to define your side: Close your eyes and think which way you hold a shovel. In most cases this is how you hold a floorball stick as well.
  • Shooting LEFT means you hold your LEFT hand lower on the stick than your right hand and the stick is on the LEFT side of your body.
  • Shooting RIGHT means you hold your RIGHT hand lower on the stick than your left hand and the stick is on the RIGHT side of your body.
Shoot Left
Shoot Right
#2 Correct Stick Length
  • If the stick is held in front of you, blade against the floor, the stick should reach 1-2 inches above your belly button.
  • Floorball stick length is measured in centimeters (cm). Stick sizing is based on SHAFT LENGTH.
  • A shorter stick provides better ball control but a longer stick gives you better reach.
  • Ball control can be challenging if your stick is too long. Playing with a stick that is too short may put pressure on your back.
  • We always recommend choosing the correct length stick for your height. Floorball sticks are designed to be used most effectively when the proper length is chosen.
Once again, if the stick is held in front of you, blade against the floor, the stick should reach 1-2 inches above your belly button. Our sizing chart helps you decide on the correct stick length based on your height.
Stick Sizing
Stick Size Table

What do all these numbers mean?
It is not uncommon for floorball sticks to have two sets of measurements on them. The smaller measurement refers to only the shaft, while the larger measurement is the overall length of the shaft and blade combined. The common measurement we use is the SMALLER number. For example, if you see a stick that says 96/107cm, that would be considered a 96 cm stick. Above is a chart with recommended stick length for each player's height. Use the Shaft Length column to choose the correct length.
For a review of the important criteria for how to choose a floorball stick, here is a short video.

Want to make it easier? Choose the best floorball stick based on your height from our selection of beginner sticks below...

ADVANCED STICK CONSIDERATIONS (to download this information, click - Advanced Stick Considerations)
You've been playing for awhile now and you're ready to move on to a new stick. You're comfortable with the basics and you've thought long and hard about what you like and what you don't like about your old stick. Let's look at specific options to keep in mind when you buy your next intermediate floorball stick.

Everyone has a favorite brand. Each brand offers unique features exclusive to their image such as shaft modifications and lines of blades. It's important to go over all the features that each brand boasts and choose a floorball stick based on which features complement your unique playing style.

Chances are your first blade isn't cutting it anymore. Beginner sticks usually come with a very large pre-hook. More advanced players generally prefer less curve. Curvature is measured from the heel of the blade to the toe. Keep in mind that a flatter blade is better for passing, while a curved blade is better for shooting.

Cavity is the curvature of the blade from top to bottom. Blades with lots of cavity give you better ball control but may impact the speed of your dribble.

Blade Type
There are numerous different types of floorball blades available varying in shape and stiffness. A stiffer blade will increase shot power while a soft one will help with ball control and feeling the ball. Usually blades are designed with a "ball pocket" to help control the ball. Better blades will come pre-curved for either left or right shooting players. A player will often curve the blade to fit his or her style of play, but remember not to curve it too much or your stick will be deemed illegal!
Vertical Cavity
Toe Drag Design
Shaft Stiffness or Flex
The shaft stiffness, or flex, is another important factor. The lower the number, the stiffer the shaft of the stick. Competitive players prefer a stiffer stick shaft for harder and more accurate shots. To determine the right flex for you, consider that the more you weigh and the harder your shot, the stiffer the shaft of your stick should be. Lighter players with a lighter shot should use a stick with more flex. While a stiffer flex is great for shots, a softer shaft is better for stick handling. More advanced players prefer a stiffer flex, usually 29 or lower.

Grip Shape & Type
Round and Oval grip shapes are common in floorball. Your choice of grip shape is strictly your personal preference. Higher-end sticks come with more advanced grips that repel moisture and provide different types of "feel". You can select grips for more or less "tackiness" and "cushion."

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