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Shooting at Home
Youth Floorball Action at Home
Youth Floorball Action

Floorball is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in the world. It’s played at the World Cup level between competing national teams. Across the USA, there are floorball leagues and clubs with regular organized play. Floorball is also played in schools all over the country and many rec centers include floorball as a regular activity. But what about playing FLOORBALL AT HOME?

PLAY FLOORBALL AT HOME – In the Driveway, the Garage, the Basement, or even in the street or an empty parking lot.

Floorball is such a great activity because it is so much fun! It’s wonderful to see kids put down the video game controller or smart phone and get active again. Passing, shooting, stickhandling – you won’t be able to get them to stop. With lightweight sticks that are easy to control at any age and a plastic ball, damage to walls, doors, or windows is not an issue. Check out this video Floorball at Home.

Kids will always want to play with their friends or siblings. But this is truly a ball game that can be played at home by the whole family!

All you need to get started are some floorball sticks, balls, and perhaps a goal net for shooting. We’ve made it easy to choose from our huge selection of floorball products. Pick an item below. We’ve added some special packages designed specifically for floorball at home. Choose one of these sets, pick from the various stick options to suit your family and get started today! If the set is not enough for your family, add to your order with the individual sticks listed below.

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