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Would you like to have a custom floorball stick for your program or organization?   Let us create it for you!    While our stock floorball sticks are appropriate for most uses, many organizations are eager to highlight their logo or message to add extra value to their program(s).   At certain quantity levels, a custom stick is no more expensive than stock.

Here are Typical Uses for a Custom Floorball Stick:

  • A floorball club or program wants to have a branded stick for its participants.
  • Many hockey organizations include floorball in dryland and summer camp programs. A custom floorball stick is unique to the program and participants identify with your organization long after.
  • Are you involved in community outreach? Floorball is a fantastic activity and using a branded stick can be an important part of your marketing efforts. This is especially true if you support school or university programs. Many NHL teams utilize floorball sticks in their outreach programs and emphasizing their brand is critical.
Custom Floorball Sticks
Factors to Consider in Ordering a Custom Floorball Stick

  • Quantity/Price:   Your stick cost is directly related to the number of sticks we produce. 20 sticks is the absolute minimum and approximate cost per stick is listed in the table following product selection. Price is F.O.B. Texas but for large factory orders, we can separate inbound shipping cost for ultimate pricing flexibility.
  • Shaft Length & Design:   Shaft lengths can range from 65 cm for very young children to 100 cm for tall adults. Your order can be broken down into several lengths. Your choice here depends on who will be using these sticks. We will work with you to create a shaft design using the elements you desire. Since the graphic is printed, there is no limitation on colors used on the shaft.
  • Blade Style and Color:    Most organizations using a custom stick request a straight blade. This type of blade can be played equally well from left or right so you don't have to worry about having the correct number of left or right blades. Stock blade colors are black, white, silver and lime green. Other blade colors may be available in larger quantities. We also have curved blade options.
  • Grip Color:   Standard grip colors are black, gray, white and lime green. Other colors are available but cost and lead time is greater.
  • Production Time:    Expect 4 weeks after design approval for small orders (100 sticks or less). We normally go directly to the stick factory for larger orders and freight-in costs start to become a factor. Time and cost are directly impacted by the shipping method. Expect 6 weeks for an order of 300 sticks and up to 3 months for large orders of 1,000 or more. We discuss the cost and timing options during the order process.
  • Other Program Needs:   If you are ordering a custom floorball stick, don't forget other items that may be important -- balls, bags, goals, etc. These are all available at discounted prices as part of a program order.

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