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Salming offers the widest range of floorball sticks, blades, and equipment for all skill levels. Whether it's your first stick or your tenth, there's a Salming floorball stick for you. Their high end shafts come with different combinations of these technologies:

KickZone Shaft Technology
KickZone - provides a strong whip-effect. When you flex the shaft, it kicks back faster providing more power for your shot.

KickZone Shaft
TipCurve Shaft

TipCurve Shaft Technology
TipCurve - is exactly what the name says - a curve at the tip end of the shaft which creates an optimimal angle between the floor surface and the ball. This results in harder shots. TipCurve is available in 2 degree, 3 degree and 5 degree.

TourLite Shaft Technology
TourLite - Salming uses only the very best lightweight carbon fiber material with a unique layup construction to create the durable TourLite shaft. A reliable favorite shaft used among many Pro players around the world.

TourLite Shaft
For further information about Salming floorball sticks, blades, and equipment, visit the Salming site at Salming Floorball

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