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Floorball sticks in this category are designed specifically for younger players.   Youth floorball sticks have shorter shafts, thinner grips and feature smaller blades (about 2/3 the size of a standard blade).   Note that some standard size floorball sticks for sale are also available in shorter lengths (75 cm or 80 cm) for use in kids' floorball games.   Look for these in the BEGINNER or INTERMEDIATE category.

Recommended stick sizes (shaft length) for various player heights (for complete table see Choosing a Stick):

Under 3'5"50 or 60 cm Mini stick
3'5" - 4'2"65 - 72 cm
4'2" - 4'6"72 - 77 cm
4'6" - 5'0"80 - 82 cm