Looking for a fun activity to complement your school programs? Let us introduce you to floorball!

Floorball is a fast-paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. At first glance, it resembles floor hockey or ball hockey but is played with advanced lightweight sticks and rules that make game play faster, yet much safer. Schools all across the country are incorporating floorball into their PE programs and after school activities. You can play floorball anywhere there is a smooth surface - indoors or outside. Gyms, basketball courts and sport courts are ideal locations.

Floorball at School What makes floorball so popular?

  • It's Fun! Everyone participates.
  • All age groups can play together. Easily played co-ed.
  • You can be in any physical condition or have limited mobility to play.
  • It's very inclusive. Unlike other sports, with floorball, individual players generally cannot dominate play. Everybody gets lots of time with the ball.
  • Very safe -- Rules designed with "safety first" in mind.
  • Equipment is light and easy to control. Injuries are not an issue because the stick is made of a lightweight fiber with a plastic blade. The ball is also plastic.
  • Body and stick checking are not permitted and playing of the ball or stick above the knee is illegal.
  • Easy to learn. Can teach basic rules in 5 minutes.
  • LOW COST: Requires only sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, a ball and a stick to play.
  • Emphasis on speed, skill and technique over physical strength.
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