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FloorballPlanet is a leader in training floorball players and coaches through camps, seminars and group training sessions. In addition to in-person activities, we have been developing instructional videos to help you learn and develop. All of our videos are posted on our FloorballPlanet YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe so that you can be notified when new videos are uploaded.

We currently do not have any training programs scheduled.

We have recently begun carrying floorball training tools to help serious players develop their skills. We are especially excited about the Ballmate series of products. Checkout this video showing 10 ways Ballmate can improve your floorball skills!

Here are a few of our recent videos...more to come...

Here are a few articles from our Floorball Musings page which add to your floorball knowledge and development:

Stick Technologies by Dan Torretta – 6/8/20
Anatomy of a Blade by Dan Torretta – 5/8/20
Anatomy of a Stick by Dan Torretta – 2/13/20

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