Floorball Training Guide

Floorball Training Guide

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Product Description

An exclusive 10-lesson guide for teaching the fundamentals of floorball using a structured, building block approach. Our 57-page training guide starts with an introduction to floorball and progresses from the basics of passing, dribbling and shooting through advanced game play and goaltending.

Ideal for PE teachers, hockey coaches who would like to transition to floorball and instructors who are teaching the game to players of all ages and backgrounds.

Table of Contents
Introduction to Floorball
Lesson 1 - Passing the Ball
Lesson 2 - Dribbling
Lesson 3 - Shooting
Lesson 4 - Player Positions
Lesson 5 - Rules and Game Play
Lesson 6 - Advanced Dribbling and Passing
Lesson 7 - Defensive Strategy & Drills
Lesson 8 - Offensive Skills & Strategy
Lesson 9 - Power Play and Penalty Kill Skills & Strategy
Lesson 10 - Goaltending

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