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Hockey Action If You Like Hockey Floorball Action
Looking for a fun activity that will help you improve your hockey skills and complement your off-ice training? Do you want to know how to get better at hockey off the ice? Let us introduce you to floorball!

Floorball is the best way to give you those super soft hands so you can dangle like Datsyuk!

HOW IT WORKS - Both the floorball stick and the ball itself are incredibly light weight. The more you play and stick handle, the quicker your hands will become. Give your game the edge it needs to come out on top every time!

Schools all across the country are starting to incorporate floorball into their PE programs and for after school activities. You can play floorball anywhere there is a smooth surface - indoors or outside. Gyms, basketball courts, sport courts, you name it! You can practice hockey with a floorball stick and ball in your garage, basement, or driveway. Since you play with a lightweight stick and plastic ball, you don't have to worry about causing any damage to floors or walls - finally mom will stop yelling at you for breaking things!

Get your friends and hockey teammates to form a team for regular competition. Floorball is a great team bonding game sport and unlike other disciplines, teams can be made up of all ages and can be coed. You can play with or without a goalie.

Here is a fantastic online discussion about why hockey players should play floorball - Our Kids Play Hockey: Why Floorball Should be Part of Your Hockey Journey

Don't get left behind! Floorball is growing at an alarming rate, so if you don't start now you'll be the one watching the other team celebrate their win over yours!

Learn the new floorball and hockey skill everyone has been talking about: Zorro!Mikael Granlund Goal Amaze your coach and teammates with your stick handling on the ice. Check our our zorro sticks and watch some video of this amazing skill - Zorro Sticks

Here are some of the floorball sticks that are most popular with hockey players:
Here are just a few of the NHL Players who played floorball growing up:

  • Mikael Granlund
  • Mats Sundin
  • Henrick Lundqvist
  • Marian Gaborik
  • Carl Gunnarsson
  • Sedin Twins
  • Mats Zuccarello
  • Peter Forsberg
  • Teemu Selanne

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