2018 FloorballPlanet Z-Tricks Floorball Stick

2018 FloorballPlanet Z-Tricks Floorball Stick

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Product Description

Our newest Z feint stick.  We have taken our popular customized Fatpipe Hole blade with a game-legal hook and toe pocket and paired it with a new Flex 32 custom shaft to make the ultimate zorro stick.  The FloorballPlanet Z-Tricks stick is available in 4 sizes (80, 87, 92, 96 cm) with choice of 2 blade colors (black, orange).  Plenty of stock in all sizes, sides, and colors.  Purchase a stick and you can get a 2nd blade (standard or with custom pocket) at a discount.

  Zorro like a pro!
I have had my Z-Trick stick for couple months now. All it took was a little practice to learn basic zorro trick moves. The ball sticks to the blade like glued now that I know how to do it. it's easy! Excellent product, no wear and tear at all. I use this stick in weekly floorball pickup games as well.
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  Trick Stick With High Quality
Megan Simpson
Verified Buyer
My 10 year old son saved up money to purchase this Floorball Z-Tricks Floorball Stick. Initially from looking at the stick on the internet I wasn't sure of the quality but considering this was my son's wish and he had saved his money for this intention, it was meant to be that we place this order. We hit a snag in our process immediately with the Visa gift card that we purchased to place the order with, which caused a hold of the funds available on the card. I called Darryl on a couple of occasions throughout this process, after hours at that because of time zone differences, and his customer service was 110% fantastic! Darryl was very understanding, assisted us in an efficient and generous manner, and provided additional bonuses to compensate for the delay, even though his website had not caused the issue. We received the stick in just a few days time and my son immediately got to work honing in his skills. I was impressed with the quality of the stick and the materials are much more durable than they appear. This is high quality sport equipment and with determination, tricks can be mastered relatively quickly, depending on ability. We have had the Z Stick for a couple of months and there are absolutely no signs of wear on it despite how frequently it's used. Great investment and a great company!
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  Floorball is awesome
Verified Buyer
I am really happy that my floorball Stick is here and I can play with it! The Stick came one day early so I was very surprised and excited! I saw the little card and it said that the blade of the stick would lose some of the curve over time. If that happens, I can heat the blade and add more curve and pocket. Meanwhile I am excited to play with the Zorro blade. I don’t know if it is the type of Zorro pocket or the balls I bought but I find it very difficult to do the Zorro because I have the technique down but am still learning and trying to complete the Zorro. When editing put that it has the blade for game legality and you might want to add more hook to the blade. Otherwise the stick is phenomenal.
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