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Floorball Musings

NAFL -- It Isn't What You Think...  by Darryl Gross and Dan Torretta – 8/5/20

"Following the announcement of the formation of the North American Floorball League, there has been a great deal of buzz in the floorball community. There are a few misconceptions out there -- let's set the record straight..... "-more-

Stick Technologies  by Dan Torretta – 6/8/20

"Round grips, oval grips, curved shafts, KickZones, many options when it comes to floorball stick variations. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clear up any confusion..... "-more-

Anatomy of a Blade  by Dan Torretta – 5/8/20

"While writing “Anatomy of a Stick”, I realized just how much detail goes into the blade of a floorball stick... I thought it would be best to give blades their own platform.... "-more-

Floorball and COVID-19  by Darryl Gross – 3/22/20

"Floorball in the age of COVID-19...keeping busy, active and engaged. Floorball for Young Kids...Hockey Players...Families... "-more-

Anatomy of a Stick  by Dan Torretta – 2/13/20

"There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to floorball sticks... referring to the stick as a club, or calling the blade a head, it gets confusing...let's go over the specifics of the stick so we’re all on the same page.... "-more-

Floorball vs Hockey  by Darryl Gross – 2/12/20


Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This?  by Darryl Gross – 2/11/20

"... where we can talk at length about floorball issues that are important. And...we have a lot to say!...we will use this page to write news articles and share our thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics... "-more-