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Floorball Musings

What's Happening in the Floorball World - October 2020  by Darryl Gross – 10/20/20

"This has been a crazy year due to COVID-19. How has it affected Floorball in the United States and around the world? In this article, we summarize where we've been, what is the current status and what is the outlook for Floorball for the next 3-12 months.... " -read the article- or -download as pdf-

NAFL -- It Isn't What You Think  by Darryl Gross and Dan Torretta – 8/5/20

"Following the announcement of the formation of the North American Floorball League, there has been a great deal of buzz in the floorball community. There are a few misconceptions out there -- let's set the record straight..... " -read the article- or -download as pdf-

Stick Technologies  by Dan Torretta – 6/8/20

"Round grips, oval grips, curved shafts, KickZones, many options when it comes to floorball stick variations. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clear up any confusion..... " -read the article- or -download as pdf-

Anatomy of a Blade  by Dan Torretta – 5/8/20

"While writing “Anatomy of a Stick”, I realized just how much detail goes into the blade of a floorball stick... I thought it would be best to give blades their own platform.... " -read the article- or -download as pdf-

Floorball and COVID-19  by Darryl Gross – 3/22/20

"Floorball in the age of COVID-19...keeping busy, active and engaged. Floorball for Young Kids...Hockey Players...Families... "-read the article- or -download as pdf-

Anatomy of a Stick  by Dan Torretta – 2/13/20

"There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to floorball sticks... referring to the stick as a club, or calling the blade a head, it gets confusing...let's go over the specifics of the stick so we’re all on the same page.... " -read the article- or -download as pdf-

Floorball versus Hockey  by Darryl Gross – 2/12/20

"... WHY ARE WE TRYING TO MAKE FLOORBALL SO MUCH LIKE HOCKEY?... "-read the article- or -download as pdf-

FloorballPlanet – Who we are and why are we writing articles?

WHO ARE WE?  FloorballPlanet has been around since 2008 and we are the ONLY company in the United States dedicated to promoting the SPORT OF FLOORBALL. There are some companies out there who sell floorball products in one capacity or another and there are other companies who jumped into the floorball marketplace thinking there was money to be made. Most of these companies are no longer in business.

As the largest supplier of floorball equipment in North America, we maintain an extensive inventory of floorball sticks, balls, bags, goals, goalie gear and accessories in our 12,800 SF warehouse just a few miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport in North Texas. In addition to direct online sales through this web site, most of our inventory is listed on the major online seller marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart and eBay. When you order one of our products through these sites, we promptly fulfill the order with the same care as those orders placed on our site and we always strive to ship your order the same day we receive it. In addition to online sales, we offer direct retail sales to individuals and organizations along with discount programs for schools, recreation centers, hockey organizations, Special Olympics and floorball clubs. We also supply various sports and hockey resellers with floorball sticks and accessories. Floorball has yet to make its presence known in a significant way at sports retailers, but we’re working on it!

At FloorballPlanet, we eat, sleep and breathe floorball. As principals of GBK Sports, Jukka Kotti and I have worked nonstop to promote the growth of floorball in the USA and there is not a day that goes by when we are not talking, teaching, or promoting floorball. We work closely with the United States Floorball Association in promoting its mission and are two of the four original founding members of the North Texas Floorball Association (NTFA). Dan Torretta, a key member of our team, moved to Texas from New Jersey three years ago specifically to be at the center of floorball in the United States. To our knowledge, he is the ONLY full-time floorball employee in the country. His floorball skills and experience at all levels, including World Floorball Championships, make him the “go-to” guy when you have questions about the best floorball stick to fit your playing style. Collectively we have run hundreds of floorball training sessions for schools and other programs and for the past few years we have been actively working with Special Olympics helping them transition from floor hockey to floorball. We have been 100% involved with running three U.S. National Floorball Championships including last year’s premier event in Lynchburg, Virginia which was held in conjunction with State Games of America.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?   We are including this page on our web site because there really isn’t another place where we can talk at length about floorball issues that are important. And believe me, we have a lot to say! We will use this page to write news articles and share our thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics. We will publish new articles whenever the need strikes – as often as every few days or it may stretch into months before we write again. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check back often. We’ll try to announce new articles on Facebook and Twitter. Guest articles are always welcome. Feel free to email me or call 817-806-5002.

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