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Make Floorball Part of Your Hockey Program

Floorball for Hockey Players

With floorball, hockey players can practice their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills any where at any time. They will love the "feel" of the stick and the soft hands required to control the ball. Players can practice their moves anywhere. Floorball is an exciting off ice hockey game alternative that can be played anywhere! Teams can get together to play floorball in a gym, outdoors or in the rink when the ice is not available.

Why Floorball?
  • Improves agility, speed, endurance, and overall athleticism
  • Promotes team play
  • Provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improves hockey-specific skills - stick handling & hand-eye coordination
  • Improves your ability to see plays developing
  • Perfect for the USA Hockey ADM Program
  • All ages can play floorball together - from 6 or 7 year olds through adult
  • Floorball is versatile
    • It can be played outside or inside on any flat surface
    • Can be played all year round
    • Can work on hockey skills when ice or shooting room is not available
Dry Land Training
  • More and more off-ice hockey training programs in Europe and across North America are embracing floorball.
  • Without ice or a shooting room, you can incorporate:
    • Stick handling drills
    • Shooting drills - especially one-timers
    • Passing drills
    • Build on-ice awareness (see plays developing)
    • Supplement your coaching drills without large ice cost overhead (offensive/defensive breakouts, etc)
  • Add another element of fun to what can be a tedious aspect of hockey development
  • To become a better hockey player, you need ice time to work on skating. If you incorporate floorball with dry land training, more ice time can be used for skating drills.
Practice at Home or School
  • Schools all across the country are incorporating floorball into their PE programs and for after school activities
  • Floorball has been a part of school PE programs in Europe for decades
  • Players can use their floorball stick and ball as off-ice hockey training equipment in their garage, basement or driveway.
    • Will not damage floors or walls
    • You can practice stick handling drills anywhere with a floorball stick & ball
    • Learn and practice "zorro" moves to improve stick handling on the ice Work on passing with friends or teammates
Floorball in Learn-to-Play Hockey Programs
  • Floorball is an IDEAL addition to Introductory and Learn-to-Play Hockey Programs:
    • Work on stick drills, passing, and shooting outside the rink. Lightweight floorball sticks are easily controlled by even the youngest players.
    • Players can work on form and develop stick skills without worrying about keeping their balance on skates.
    • Players play/practice at home, in the driveway, the garage, or the street during days between sessions at the rink.
    • Hockey kids playing floorball at home make fantastic ambassadors for the sport! They encourage friends to try. When parents see their child's interest, they will want to stoke that enthusiasm which leads to more family trips to watch the local junior or professional hockey team.
Who Should be Looking at Floorball for Their Off-Ice Hockey Training Program?
  • School Partnerships, Community Outreach & Awareness
    • NHL teams, professional, college and junior teams at all levels
    • Ice rinks & sports facilities
    • Schools at every level - elementary, middle, high schools, prep schools, alternative schools, colleges, & universities
    • Any hockey association looking to expand interest in the game of hockey
    • Hockey resellers, pro shops, and sports retailers
    • In Canada, they are using floorball to capture the interest of younger kids.
  • Hockey organizations for dry land and off-ice training
  • Hockey Canada and Canadian Minor Hockey Associations are embracing floorball
  • Floorball is a perfect complement to USA Hockey's ADM program
  • Colleges, prep schools, and high schools with hockey programs
Download this short guide for tips on Introducing Floorball to Hockey Players (pdf)

"When my kids are off the ice, all they want to do is play floorball - I can't get them to play anything else"


Blessed Trinity High School, OMHA Development Instructor High Peformance 1 & Hockey Canada Skills Academy

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