Zorro Sticks

Want to do tricks like these with your floorball stick? Choose a "zorro" stick with a unique pocket at the toe of the blade.

Looking for video instruction? Start your search at the Salming Academy Skill School - Salming Academy Videos or watch this great intro video How to Zorro

Remember, zorroing is a skill that takes hours of practice to master. You WILL NOT be able to zorro right out of the box. It can take weeks or months to get to the level of skill seen in this video.

The zorro sticks that we sell are IFF approved game-legal sticks. There are other floorball sticks on the market with deep toe pockets or huge hooks which are nice for doing tricks but don't work very well for stickhandling or shooting. We do not offer these sticks. While doing zorro tricks is great fun, the real benefit to learning these techniques is the advanced stick skills that you develop. Having a stick with a "basket" in the blade is a crutch and it prevents you from learning real skills.