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Street hockey and floor hockey are two popular offshoots of traditional ice hockey. Because people have played these sports for years, many refer to floorball played outdoors as street hockey and when played in a gym as floor hockey. Let us show you how floorball is neither of these and superior in EVERY way!

HOW FLOORBALL IS DIFFERENT - The Equipment and the Rules

Street or floor hockey is played with standard hockey sticks or a cheap version made for this type of game. Shafts are wood or plastic and blades are typically wood, rubber, or plastic which often has sharp edges. Games are played with a plastic puck or a ball (rubber, plastic, or tennis). Gloves, helmets, and shin pads are often worn for protection. Goalies play with a stick and protective equipment as in ice hockey. In school settings, floor hockey sticks (though inexpensive) are often equipped with protective sleeves over the blades to prevent injury or floor damage.

Contrast this with floorball equipment. Floorball sticks are very lightweight and easy to handle/control. Blades have soft, rounded edges. A floorball stick is also shorter than a hockey stick. A properly sized stick should only reach an inch or two above the belly button. A floorball is like a whiffle ball, only stronger. These features make a floorball game much safer, yet much quicker than a street or floor hockey game. No protective equipment is required (except for goalies if you choose to play that way). T shirt, shorts, sneakers, floorball stick and's all you need for a fast paced, fun experience!

The rules of floorball make it different as well. There is no body or stick checking in floorball and the stick is kept below the knee. Because the sticks and ball are so light, there is no need to take wild swings. A quick snap or sweep shot speeds the ball toward the goal or sets up a high speed pass.

See the difference...the first video below shows how floor hockey with cheap plastic sticks is demonstrated for teachers to use in PE class. The second video shows kids playing floorball..."nuff said."

Some organizations (particularly ice hockey teams and programs) continue to use the term "street hockey" for any outdoor hockey-like activity. They do this for a very good reason -- people understand what they are talking about. However, many (the Dallas Stars for example) have embraced floorball for their off-ice and hockey outreach programs. They may sometimes call it street hockey but they use genuine floorball sticks and balls and adhere to the basic floorball rules.

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