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Confused about how to choose a floorball stick? Let us make it easy...answer these questions and then select one of the sticks below:

#1 Which Side Do I Choose?

Your shooting side has NO RELATION to whether you are right handed or left handed. (We always recommend buying a precurved stick. We have straight-blade sticks available and you will see them in our Beginner Stick section. However, these are normally used in school and group play when you don't know whether the participants shoot right or left).

Shooting LEFT means you hold your LEFT hand lower on the stick than your right hand. Shooting RIGHT means you hold your RIGHT hand lower on the stick than your left hand.

Shoot Left
Shoot Right
#2 What Stick Length?

  • If the stick is held in front of you, blade against the floor, the stick should reach 1-2 inches above your belly button.
  • Floorball stick length is measured in centimeters (cm). Stick sizing is based on SHAFT LENGTH. Sometimes there are two numbers listed as floorball stick sizing. The shaft length is the smaller of the two numbers.
  • We always recommend choosing the correct length stick for your height. Floorball sticks are designed to be used most effectively when the proper length is chosen.
Our sizing chart helps you choose the right floorball stick length based on your height.
Stick Sizing
Stick Size Table

Consider one of these stick models based on the player's height (in feet and inches):

4'2" and shorterWooloc Force 3.2 Junior (65 cm)
4'2" - 4'6"Wooloc Force 3.2 Junior (75 cm) or Campus Aero 35 (72 cm or 77 cm)
4'6" - 5'0"Salming Campus M-Blade (82 cm), Campus Aero 32 (82 cm) or Fatpipe Zortex (80 cm)
4'11" - 5'5"Wooloc Force 3.2 Beginner, Salming Campus M-Blade, Campus Aero 32 or Fatpipe Zortex (87 cm)
5'5" - 6'0"Salming Campus Shooter, Wooloc Force 3.2 Beginner, Campus Aero 32 or Fatpipe Zortes (96 cm)
6'0"- 6'2"Salming Campus Shooter (100 cm) or Fatpipe Zortex (101 or 103 cm)
Want more information about choosing a stick? Visit our Choosing a Stick page.

For a complete selection of floorball sticks for the new player, go to Beginner Sticks or Kid Sticks (for players Age 10 and younger.)

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