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Floorball is a fast paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. It resembles floor hockey or ball hockey but it is played with advanced light weight sticks and rules that make game play much safer. Floorball can be played practically anywhere, indoors or outside. It is ideal for any type of rink (ice, roller or inline), community centers, and gym or sports facility with basketball, volleyball or sport court.  Hockey teams and associations use floorball for off-ice or dry land training.  You don't need a court or rink to play floorball. Almost any room or open area will do.

Looking for additional sources of revenue or opportunities to increase the use of your building? Consider introducing floorball at your outdoor or indoor sports facility for:
  • Churches and youth groups for use in their activity programs.
  • Birthday parties and team events.
  • Floorball equipment to be signed-out or rented for individual or team play.
  • Offer hockey teams and associations floorball equipment and space to play for use in their off-ice and dry land training programs.
  • Assist area hockey associations with using floorball to introduce young kids to hockey-like activities before they are old enough for learn-to-skate and introductory hockey programs.
  • Companies use floorball for team-building events and corporate retreats. More fun and inclusive than paintball, basketball, volleyball or other activities.
  • Offer your outdoor or indoor sports facility and floorball equipment to nonprofit organizations as an excellent fund raising activity.
  • If you have a retail store or pro shop, consider offering floorball equipment for sale. It's so easy to generate additional revenue when somebody who just had fun playing floorball at your facility wants a stick of their own to play at home!
  • Schedule regular times at your facility for Open Floorball. As the sport grows and is offered at schools in your area as part of their PE program, more and more kids (and adults) will be looking for additional places to play!

Floorball is definitely different than floor hockey! The rules lend themselves to a safe, yet exciting and fast style of game play that is easy to teach. For parties, team building events, or recreational games it takes five minutes to learn the basic rules. The equipment design also makes it a safer sport than floor hockey. The sticks are shorter (waist high), round and light weight with a better grip (easier to control), and tough (fiberglass composites) so they last. Floorball sticks also look really cool! All of these factors combine to make it easier for a kid or adult to control their stick which in turn makes for a safer game for everybody.

Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA's, Community Recreation Centers and Corporate Fitness Centers are all great candidates for floorball. Give it a try -- you'll be pleased with the excitement and increased participation of your members and clients.

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