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First introduced by Salming in 2012, the Aero blade is the ideal blend of shooting power, passing precision, and performance. This series expanded to include the Aero-Z blade, a worthy successor to the Cypher-Z for the ultimate in feints and zorro moves. The Aero blade is available in a wide range stick models using various advanced shaft technologies. Aero blade features include:
Dual Crossbar Stabilizer - 25% stiffer upper frame which enables you to keep your shots below the top cross bar. Dual Crossbar Stabilizer Dual Cavity - Provides increased ball control, feel and power when launching wrist shots and passing the ball. Dual Cavity
Shooter Pocket - Provides increased ball control when transporting the ball and places the ball in an optimal position prior to launching wrist shots. Shooter Pocket Toe Drag Design TDD - Making it easier for you to pull the ball towards you and thereby increasing ball control. Toe Drag Design

For a detailed description of any product and to add a product to your shopping cart, click on the product name. For further information about Salming Aero floorball sticks for sale, visit the Salming site at Salming Floorball. Improve your floorball hockey precision with the Salming Aero series.

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