Salming Q2 Endurance Blade

Salming Q2 Endurance Blade

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Product Description

Harder wrist shots. Harder sweep shots. Harder slap shots.

Endurance material provides exceptional durability, low friction, and fantastic playing characteristics. This is the standard material used on most Salming sticks.

Quest 2 blade technologies:

BASE FRAME STABILIZER BFS: By optimizing the heel and base frame area we achieve a rock solid blade construction with great torsional stiffness - enabling harder shots.

SINGLE CAVITY PLUS: One single horizontal cavity along the entire blade area.

INCREASED BALL CONTROL: The vertical cavity has been made a little bit deeper than it's predecessor Quest, creating an enhanced ball control and more power.

CONTROL TOE DRAG DESIGN TDD: Making it easier for you to pull the ball towards you and thereby increasing ball control.

Available in White and Flourescent Yellow

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