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SKU: 4148x HARDER AIR Light 27 Floorball Stick, 96 cm

HARDER AIR Light 27 Floorball Stick, 96 cm
Purchase HARDER AIR Light 27 Floorball Stick, 96 cm
  • SKU: 4148x HARDER AIR Light 27 Floorball Stick, 96 cm

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The really light floorball sticks from ZONE are called AIRLIGHT and they are made of exclusive carbon fiber. AIRLIGHT technology is a 100% carbon floorball stick that builds on the SuperLight stick concept. The biggest difference between these technologies is their balance. The AirLight black floorball hockey sticks are better balanced.

The HARDER Zone floorball blade was new for the 2021/22 season. It is significantly pre-bent with high concavity. We recommend it to all players who want fast and sharp shots. Its relatively flat backhand side allows good ball control on the backhand side. HARDER is a shooting blade, designed primarily for sweeper and slap shots. HARDER is a combination of several blades. The basic shape, bend and reinforcement (top and bottom) of the edge is from the HYPER blade. Zone removed 1 vertical rib from the HYPER blade and added 1 horizontal rib. This horizontal rib is located in the heel of the blade. This results in a rigid blade - especially in the heel so you can shoot really hard! The blade has a large pre-bend and big concavity of 9mm which positively affects the ball handling. The ball from this blade is accurate and very fast. The horizontal profile of horizontal ribs is a T-shape. This shape strengthens the blade and provides you a larger contact area for the ball. This results in more accurate shooting - especially by slap shot. The bottom edge of the blade is milled for reduced friction.

The Zone grip is super lightweight with excellent shock absorbing properties.
Brand:   Zone
Stick Class:   Elite,Lightweight - 7.2 oz
Color:   Black
Stick Length:   96 cm
Model Year:   2023
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