Aero Floorball - Colored

Aero Floorball - Colored

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Product Description

Latest technology employed to achieve ballistic perfection!

The Aero floorball has a unique & patented dimple design surface which covers twice as much of the ball surface as other balls. This results in a stable & predictable ball flight and preserves top flight speed due to a reduction in aerodynamic drag.

Other unique features include Fusion Polymer construction, X-bar design, mixed surface texture, superior roundness (yes it matters), a unique manufacturing process, and improved quality control.

Available in Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow
(balls sold individually - not in sleeve as pictured)

  Highly visible
Wade Wentland
Verified Buyer
The yellow are nice, but the pink are even more visible. It is a nice change from plain white and it helps when we are playing multiple balls at once.
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