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SKU: KH16 Blindsave Goalie Knee Pads - Hard Padding

Blindsave Goalie Knee Pads - Hard Padding
Purchase Blindsave Goalie Knee Pads - Hard Padding
  • SKU: KH16 Blindsave Goalie Knee Pads - Hard Padding

  • $129.99


BLINDSAVE floorball and field hockey knee pads with hard padding have the best maneuverability any knee pads can offer. The insertable paddings are only 1.5 cm thick so you are very close to ground and your knee isn’t sinking in them if there is no impact. The density of these goalie knee guards is perfectly balanced to provide all the protection you might need to prevent hurting in any situation during the game. Also, to insure continual protection, the knee padding is changeable. Because of constant use of your knees, they are an integral part of the game. Goalies usually feel they need new pads every 6-8 months. Instead of buying a new set of goalie knee guards, the durability of our product will ensure that all you have to do is change the inside padding and it will be as if you have brand new pads.

BLINDSAVE floorball and field hockey knee pads are made from special material that provides a high comfort level with a specialized orthopedic effect. This material can help absorb some of the shock of an otherwise painful fall. Additionally, this specialized material keeps your muscles warm and therefore aids in avoiding injury to your ligaments. It is very flexible in order to allow for easier movement. Goalies should be more concerned with keeping the ball out of the goal than to worrying about what their knee pads will allow them to do. Another excellent feature of BLINDSAVE floorball hockey goalie knee pads is the specialized design that keeps the pads from slipping down your leg. These pads are taller and have added straps to create a product that ensures better holding capabilities during even the most physically vigorous moments of the game. The total weight of one pair of these floorball hockey goalie knee pads is only 640 grams!

Advantages of BLINDSAVE knee pads:

Hard padding - provides higher level of maneuverability while still giving you full protection. Orthopaedic material – keeps muscles warm, is comfortable enough for on-skin contact and is very flexible to allow freedom of movement.
Changeable padding – after a while you don’t have to buy new knee pads, just change the padding and continue to use them in the same comfort level as it was in the first day.
Perfect holding – special design doesn’t allow the pads to slide down knee with even the most intensive movements.
Brand:   Blindsave
Model Year:   2016
Amazing Maneuverability
These pads make it so easy to move in the net. I've used them on a couple of different surfaces so far and they've definitely helped me square up to shots before they get to the net.
Dan Torretta
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