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SKU: RCSS16 Blindsave SS Protection Vest with RC

Blindsave SS Protection Vest with RC
Purchase Blindsave SS Protection Vest with RC
  • SKU: RCSS16 Blindsave SS Protection Vest with RC

  • $129.99


There have been many goalie vests but Blindsave offers the first PRO goalie protection vest. The part which we use to make the most saves in floorball is our body. Although you will not get serious injuries by not using a vest, a lightweight protective vest will make your goalkeeper outfit more comfortable and protect your body from painful shots. Feeling comfy and safe will help you play the best game.

BLINDSAVE vest is the best protection for the floorball goalie's chest. These days, shots have become stronger and more painful. Our goalkeeper outfit features a double layer system and a high-quality Italian material that help you play with comfort reducing the pain you receive from shots to a minimum. Upper arm parts and sides of the body are well covered because those are the most sensitive places. The protection vest weighs only 500 grams and its design is taken from ancient armors. The pieces of protective layers are arranged in such a way that does not limit your movement in any way, but still provides full protection. Inside the vest we have put in a material that provides nice contact with your skin.

But there is more. This lightweight protective vest has another unique and innovative function – rebound control. This means that the ball does not bounce back off your body so hard and fast. When the ball hits the floorball goalie's vest it sinks a bit in the upper protective layer of the vest and loses its speed, thus coming back slower. This allows you to grab it more easily with your hands instead of having to jump after it. This specific material which is used to reduce rebound effect could get harder in cold temperature, but no worries, it recovers its normal density once it is kept in normal conditions.
Brand:   Blindsave
Model Year:   2016
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