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SKU: 2415x UNILITE EVOLAB 29 Floorball Stick, 96 cm

UNILITE EVOLAB 29 Floorball Stick, 96 cm
Purchase UNILITE EVOLAB 29 Floorball Stick, 96 cm
  • SKU: 2415x UNILITE EVOLAB 29 Floorball Stick, 96 cm

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Unihoc has brought out a limited edition floorball stick that after 50 years of development they have produced the lightest floorball in the world. The weight of this 96 cm Flex 29 stick is 5.8 oz. Unihoc achieved this low weight by lightweighting the blade, grip, plug and especially the shaft. They use less material in the plug. It is so small that it may seem like there is no plug at all on the stick. This suits some players, but there are also players who need a bigger plug for more control of their stick. The Unihoc Evolab shaft is made of 100% carbon. To keep the weight as low as possible, the shaft is not colored and has less graphics. The shaft is simply black-gray with a light inscription: "EVOLAB - TOP LEVEL FLOORBALL DEVELOPMENT". In addition to the absence of varnish and colors necessary for the design, Unihoc also removed the last layers of the carbon. The stick is thus lighter and at the same time more fragile. This shaft now has a diameter of 23.8 mm.

The UNILITE blade is an extremely lightweight blade weighing 64 grams in the TITAN-PP version. Constructed for the least possible weight, the UNILITE has a thinner frame, a thinner and shorter neck, and the blade only fastens to the shaft with 1 screw. The UNILITE has medium concavity of 8mm and is significantly pre-curved throughout. The pre-hook makes for fantastic sweeper shots but the backhand game suffers because of it. TITAN is Unihoc's PP blade material for minimal friction against the floor.

The EVOLAB grip has a high quality sticky surface to ensure a firm grip which also wicks away sweat.
Brand:   Unihoc
Stick Class:   Elite,Lightweight - 5.8 oz
Color:   Black/Silver
Stick Length:   96 cm
Model Year:   2023
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