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SKU: 4323x HYPER PROLIGHT 3K 27 Floorball Stick

HYPER PROLIGHT 3K 27 Floorball Stick
Purchase HYPER PROLIGHT 3K 27 Floorball Stick
  • SKU: 4323x HYPER PROLIGHT 3K 27 Floorball Stick

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Zone PROLIGHT™ floorball sticks are one of the best sticks by ZoneFloorball. Their technology is based on AirLight technology and they are currently the lightest sticks by Zone. The new type of carbon material brings higher durability and perfect balance. Zone PROLIGHT™ sticks are 100% carbon and they weigh less than 200g.

The Hyper blade is purely a shooting blade, especially great for slap and sweeper shots. The blade has a large pre-bend and a concavity of 10mm, making this blade one of the Zone blades with the highest concavity. The Hyper has a large cavity with a distinct recess that helps you with your shot - especially with the Sweeper Shots. This cavity results in a less accurate backhand shot, but the blade makes up for this on the forehand side, where its accuracy is 100%. The large concavity and pre-bend positively affects your ball control. The blade is constructed in such a way that the ball flies out of it with absolute precision and, most importantly, very quickly. The heel and backhand side is reinforced, which keeps the blade in original shape and the ball in a precise path during the shot.

The Prolight grip was first introduced in the 2019/2020 season. It is the lightest grip Zone that has excellent absorbent and sticky properties. Available in 96 cm (6.8 oz), 100 cm (7.0 oz) and 104 cm (7.1 oz) shaft lengths.
Brand:   Zone
Stick Class:   Elite,Lightweight - 6.8 oz to 7.1 oz
Color:   Carbon/Black
Stick Length:   96 cm,100 cm,104 cm
Model Year:   2023
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