Blindsave Soft Padding Inserts - Pair

Blindsave Soft Padding Inserts - Pair

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Product Description

Replacement padding inserts for Blindsave knee pads. They were developed because no other knee pads provided enough safety for goalie's knees. These are THE paddings you must use if you have any knee injuries or you want to avoid them.

Soft padding inserts are 3 cm thick and very comfortable, providing the goalie with the best protection possible. It is the thickest knee protector available in the market! These inserts will make you feel like you are sitting on pillows. We call this the "pillow effect”. They also adjust to the form of your knee. After 2-4 sessions, they will adjust to your knees movements and will provide the most comfortable feeling that you will ever have moving in goal.

Any knee pad will become used in a about a year. We do not want goalies using old knee pads with bad padding, so we give you the chance to change only your paddings. It will be like playing with brand new knee pads at 1/4 the cost. Sized for M-XL knee pads.
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